Family Engagement Educator

Dion Chavis

Enthusiastic | Encouraging | Empowering

Hey, There!
It’s great to meet you. I’m Dion.
I am a leader in family engagement, fatherhood, and youth development.
I work with parents, teachers, coaches and mentors to create inspiring
social change. Merging my background in media, pop culture and music,
I provide unique and passionate insights into today's youth culture. As a
successful entrepreneur and active community leader, I believe that
when we understand our youth we can better serve them. This belief has
inspired me to work tirelessly to close the achievement gap and
promote the importance of responsible parenting.

You are looking for someone who is committed to making your event a success

You want someone who “gets it” and knows how to captivate an audience

You want someone whose ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible

What do i speak about image
Fatherhood and Family Engagement: I strive to engage my audience by drawing on personal anecdotes and relatable experiences, while also providing informative and thought-provoking insights. My goal is to encourage and inspire families to build stronger relationships and create more meaningful connections with one another.

Responsible Parenting: My speeches are thought-provoking and draw on research and best practices to provide a relevant and comprehensive understanding of the topic. I aim to motivate and encourage parents to take an active role in their child's development, and to help them understand the lasting impact that responsible parenting can have on their family's future.

Diversity and Inclusion In The Classroom: When discussing diversity and inclusion in the classroom, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the ways that cultural and demographic differences can impact student learning and academic outcomes. I offer practical strategies for creating inclusive learning environments and fostering cross-cultural understanding among students.

Mental Health: I work with educators and parents to provide insights into youth mental health and how we can all work together to reach out to those kids out there suffering, who might not know where to turn. In addition, I provide practical strategies that can be used immediately in your classroom or living room to help teens cope more effectively with stress and anxiety.
The Black People Parenting Podcast is a safe space where Black folks who are raising Black children can share information and build a better community...TOGETHER! Hosted by Dion and Tiffany, this podcast addresses the specific issues and intricacies that are faced by Black parents who are raising Black children.

  • Knightdale, North Carolina, United States